AddaButton 4.1

AddaButton enables you to add custom buttons to Internet Explorer
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AddaButton is a very simple and helpful program developed by Harmony Hollow Software. This program will allow you to add new buttons to your Internet Explorer window. You can save your precious time and effort by using this program, since you will be able to add any button you like, so that it will be faster and easier for you to execute any desired command later on. These buttons can lead to your favorite links, launch programs or open specific files. You can use custom icons for your buttons, or use icons from the files to be launched. This program will come in handy for most users, and it is designed to suit most of them, with its easy-to-use interface. So both beginners and professionals can benefit from it.

The main limitation on the trial version is that you will be able to add only one button. If you need more buttons in your IE, you can register your copy and benefit from the option of adding an unlimited number of buttons to your browser. The program installs a standalone application that can delete all the installed buttons in case the main program doesn't load properly.

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